High Pass and Phoksundo Lake Circuit

Days 1 -5: Arriving in Kathmandu, an ancient and beautiful city, the capital of Nepal, you will have flown into a different world of sights, smells and sounds. The second day you will get a chance to explore and sightsee around Bhaktapur, an ancient kingdom where you can see the traditional Nepali architecture, terracotta rooftops and pagoda-style temples. In the evening you fly out towards West Nepal, leaving behind the largest settlement in Nepal and venturing to the remote lands of the Dolpo region on day three.  The beginning of the trek will be gentle and begin acclimatising you to the higher altitudes of between 2000m-3000m.


Days 6-11: You will be walking past waterfalls, into deep gorges, alongside steep cliffs, and listening to the sound of the rushing clear blue waters flowing past during the next few days of the trek. We will find the most picturesque camp-sites to stay at, heading towards The Numa La Base Camp (4440m) we’ll pass by ancient monasteries still practising 10,000 years of living traditions to this day. Once we reach Numa La Base camp, then the trail rises to the first high pass of 5310m, then descend to a lower altitude camp-site. The day after we will then follow the trail to the second high pass, the Baga La Pass at 5169m, after taking in the breathtaking views the trail then descends to a deep gorge.

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Days 12-20: The treasure to behold after the two high passes is in reaching Phoksundo Lake, on the way down you will see the highest waterfall in Nepal. As you walk towards the lake you will feel as if you are entering another world. Continuing on the walk through amazing forests and besides rivers we will once again reach the tree line. On day seventeen we’ll fly back towards Kathmandu, and have a few days left for sightseeing, souvenir shopping and a well needed Nepali-massage.

  • We will be camping for the whole time away on the trek, and every night you will go back to the same tent, set up for you by your team of Nepali helpers. You can relax and keep warm in the dining tent in the evenings and enjoy a hot meal.
  • To make this trip 14 days, you can charter a helicopter to drop you at the trek start point and pick you up at the trek end point. Giving you the opportunity to see the range of Himalayas as you fly alongside them.

For more information about this trek please email grace@bespoke-nepal.co.uk

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