Namaste and Greetings from Nepal, the Land of Wonders!

Nepal is a country that descends from the Rooftop of the World, Tibet, encompassing within it the 8 highest peaks of the world (including Mount Everest) that extend southwards towards the gigantic plain of India. This created countless Himalayan rivers and streams that offer unique and breathtaking natural beauty. It is home to countless Hindu deities, the birthplace of Buddha (Lumbini in the West), the legendary Yeti, 61 ethnic tribes with different dialects and cultures. Many species of endangered and exotic animals, birds, plants and trees, including endangered flora and fauna, one-horned Rhinos, Musk-deer, Bengal tigers, White leopards, Dolphins, Pandas, Wild Buffalos, Wild Elephants, Himalayan Yaks, special Aardvark, Golden Eagle, migrating Siberian Goose, wild orchids and native Rhododendron Trees amongst much more.


It offers countless lofty and spiritual peaks, lakes, ancient Hindu shrines and temples, Buddhist Gumbas and lost valleys (bista King of Manag) including camps of indigenous hunting and gathering people (Chepang), mobile camps of Tibetan Shepherds, and communities of Honey Hunters. The adventures are endless and amazement is in each step.

Tiny villages to urban cities scattered throughout the east, west, north and south of the country are divided largely by the soaring and mystic mountains, hills, roaring and twisting serpentine rivers and streams. They offer different, unique and vibrant cultures, dialects, climates, culinary cuisines, architecture, flora and fauna providing colourful contrasts to each other. Trekking and traveling around this small country brings constant changes in vista, dweller, tests, experience and atmosphere to the never ending amusement of the bewildered traveller.

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Bespoke Nepal brings people from all walks of life around the world to the peaks and foothills of the majestic Himalayas and its supporting grandeur plains and forests in the southern belt. The team of highly professional, amicable and humble staff members of the agency provide services that range from short and long trekking, hiking, sight seeing, white water rafting, kayaking, motorcycle tours, jungle safaris, bird watching and others as highlighted on the website. We ensure quality, safety, comfort and privacy of our clients from all age groups, races, genders, marital status creeds and beliefs while rendering our services from pickup/entry points of airports and custom centres to the desired drop zone. You choose the thrill seeking adventure, peaceful escape or spiritual emancipation and we will make it happen to your utmost satisfaction. Rest assured with our quality service.

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