Yoga Trips

Thinking of taking a trip to Nepal to discover more about yoga & spirituality?

Here are a few reasons why you should:
  1. The country is where Siddhartha Guatama, the Shakyamuni Buddha was born, in Lumbini. He is not the first Buddha, but the fourth in a line of buddhas throughout the centuries. Lumbini is a very special sacred site, where many Buddhist communities from across the globe have built their own style of temple on this same site to give an amazing impression of spiritual life.
  2. There are plenty of holy festivals celebrated in Nepal by 61 ethnic groups across the country with different cultures and languages. One of the most famous being Shivaratri (dark night of Shiva) where hundreds of thousands of devotees flock to Pashupatinath, the largest hindu temple complex in the subcontinent.
  3. Nepal is home to ancient scriptures dating back thousands upon thousands of years. The collection is protected by a selected group of holy men and currently the process of translating these documents from Sanskrit into English has begun.

We offer yoga trips to Nepal, where you can practice yoga every morning with a yoga guru there. During the day we will take you to visit different sacred sights, such as the Boudha Temple, Swayambu Temple, different monasteries dotted around the Kathmandu Valley, and if fated catch a glimpse of the Kumari of Kathmandu (Living Goddess) in the Kumari Ghar. One of the evenings we can take you to see the traditional Aarti at the Pashupati Temple, on the banks of the River Bagmati, by the ghats. Other late afternoons can be spent going for small hikes around the monastery or campsite.

Accommodation will be in a traditional Nepali Monastery or in a beautiful and hidden away location in Kathmandu valley, on the edge of an apple-orchard, where we set up a campsite.

All meals will be healthy and nutritious, we will transfer you in private a/c minibuses and we will be on hand throughout your trip.

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